KrampeHarex® abrasive media and KrampeHarex® fibres – two product groups and, at the same time, two business divisions under one strong umbrella. The abrasive media division was established as an independent company in 1982. The same year also saw the founding of the steel fibre division, in a separate move. The merger occurred in 2005, allowing new benchmarks to be set. Today, clients from more than 40 countries, from a wide range of industrial segments, from structural, underground and civil engineering all place their trust in KrampeHarex® expertise, which has grown steadily over the decades.

The same high standard applies for both product and business divisions: to produce maximum customised output daily – with a view towards the technological and economic interests of our customers. Due to in-house consulting and development experts, we can meet the special needs of our industrial customers in the abrasive media sector, as well as clients from the structural engineering segment and construction industry. Our outstanding global service – regardless of whether for process-related consulting or plant engineering – applies equally for all customer groups. Our large number of regular clients around the globe shows us that we have selected the right path with this lasting commitment.

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Personal dedication and international commitment have brought KrampeHarex® success.

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KrampeHarex® with headquarters in Austria has long been prominent well beyond the borders of the alpine country.