KrampeHarex® Czech Republic

New developments in the East

Since 2001 KrampeHarex® has run its own plant directly in the Czech Republic. The complete product range for KrampeHarex® abrasive media is produced and distributed from here. The new enterprise in this highly motivated Central European country is subject to the same quality controls for its in-house production as our headquarters are in Germany. The in-house wire traction plant was installed in this way, forming a secure basis for first-class products. In all production phases, Krampeharex® Czech Republic follows the strict quality management guidelines of the parent company. An in-house sales organisation ensures that supplies are local, protect resources and are environmentally friendly. It also makes certain the appropriate communication is used.

In this way, the new location profits from strong ties to the KrampeHarex® Group – while the group profits from local knowledge on the Czech people and their country.

KrampeHarex® CZ spol. sr .o.

Osvobozeni 234
CZ-66481 Ostrovačice

Phone +42 (0) 541 247 773
Fax +42 (0) 541 247 817
info [at] krampeharex [dot] cz