steel fibres

KrampeHarex® steel fibres and KrampeFibrin®|polypropylene oder glass fibres:|the easy alternative on site

For decades the use of steel meshes was considered to be the only option for concrete reinforcement. The disadvantages of costly and time-consuming preparatory work, often also the excessive cracking of conventionally reinforced concrete, was simply accepted.

The use of KrampeHarex® fibres and KrampeFibrin® fibres can spare you and your customers such troublesome quality deficiencies, and also save considerable time and money. A blinding layer of sand or lean concrete is no longer required at all. Instead, the homogeneous concrete reinforced with KrampeHarex® steel fibres is poured and finished directly on the ground. The cost of the mesh reinforcement, the higher labour costs for the numerous stages of the work necessary with conventional techniques, and sealing of the cracks are now things of the past. As well as that, the tendency of the concrete to form undesirable shrinkage cracks can be reduced to a minimum by the use of KrampeFibrin® polypropylene or glass fibres.