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Steel fibres Shorter process for precast elements.

In a precast element factory, where controlled conditions dominate, the use of steel fibres can serve to optimise processes considerably, with the result being significant cost savings. 

When used for concrete precast elements such as pipes, chutes, tubing, or pre-fab cellars, the exceptional material properties of KrampeHarex® steel fibres have proven to be perfect for reinforcement. They are also the first choice for costly shear reinforcement and surface reinforcement of pre-stressed precast element girders. While higher-strength KrampeHarex® steel fibres make an outstanding replacement for reinforcement applications by improving the quality of concrete used in precast elements, KrampeFibrin® polypropylene fibres are used in this area for fire protection within fire-resistance classes up to F120.



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Manuela Mascher, Bookkeeping KrampeHarex Fibrin, Austria
Fasern Anwendungen Betonfertigteile
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Fasern Anwendungen Betonfertigteile
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