KrampeHarex® Service

    Competence and commitment go hand-in-hand

    Service is more than just a word for KrampeHarex®. For us, service means: finding solutions that serve the individual requirements of the client company – and always attain more than the usual. For our employees, expertise and superior commitment go hand-in-hand. Customer questions are discussed in a direct dialogue, solutions to any problems are developed locally and new product ideas are implemented with expert knowledge. Examples of our extra service? Gladly!

    KrampeHarex® ServicePLUS

    • Structural analysis support
    For every construction project in which our KrampeHarex® fibres are used, KrampeHarex® provides structural analysis – and we assume the costs!

    • Delivery service
    KrampeHarex® delivers directly to the client company or the construction site – based on your preference, and around the world!

    • Rental service for dosage devices
    Dosage units are not only sold but can also be rented from KrampeHarex®. This allows you to save costs, ensuring that you only pay for what you really need. We offer the suitable device for any possible application, with dosage capacities of up to 110 kg/min.
    A simple call is enough contact form – and the transportable devices will reach you within 24 (to a maximum of 48) hours.

    • Custom orders and project supervision
    Do you have a special case? No problem: KrampeHarex® also offers special solutions. These range from unusual high-performance fibres based on customer specifications to the specific expertise of our employees in planning your construction project.

    • Seminars
    KrampeHarex® customers have the opportunity to undergo special product training in advanced seminars. Possible application areas for our fibres are demonstrated, technical advantages are clarified based on practical examples, and state-of-the-art technical equipment is described in a clear and comprehensible manner.
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