Flexible Multitalente für innovatives Bauen.

all-rounders for

Fibres Flexible all-rounders for innovative construction.

Industrial floors, residential building, and tunnel construction, or precast elements– the fields of application of KrampeHarex® fibres are multifaceted and savings in time and costs are considerable. And for good reason.

After decades of steel mesh reinforcement as the status quo in industrial floor construction, fibre reinforced concrete has forged a new approach. The homogenous steel fibre concrete made with KrampeHarex® steel fibres is applied directly from the truck mixer. There is no need for laborious reinforcement work or installation of a sub-base. This saves time by simplifying the process procedure and also significantly reduces overall costs.
In some cases, however, innovative KrampeHarex® combined reinforcement may make sense, since it is an especially economic way to handle extremely concentrated loads and high demands for maximum crack width.

Because we know what we are doing! KrampeHarex, the German steel fibre.

Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Müller, Director of international fibre sales

Faster Construction Progress

Time savings due to considerable reduction in work steps

Lower Material Costs

Sub-baseA thin, lean concrete layer located between the construction pit floor and the building foundation. and steel mesh reinforcement is no longer necessary.

Improved Post-Cracking Behaviour

The addition of fibres causes concrete to have a more ductile material behaviour in all directions.

Better Strinkage Behaviour

Smaller crack widths thanks to the reduction of contraction stress with synthetic fibres.

Greater Construction Areas

Greater distance between joints of up to 2,000 m2.

Higher Durability

Better able to withstand wear and impacts.

Combined Solutions

Solutions for every application – the synergies of various methods of reinforcement.

Easy isn’t our thing.

Frank Schuhmacher, Director of national fibre sales

KrampeHarex® fibres for top performance in concrete.

From steel fibres to glass fibres through to synthetic fibres – the product offers of KrampeHarex®
are as wide-ranging as the construction and planning schemes of the general contractors and engineers. It’s actually never necessary to cut things too close, since KrampeHarex® has been pulling its own wire since 2003, thus controlling all of the added value, from the basic material through to the finished fibres. This also enables the Company to guarantee a consistently high level of quality in all steel products and fibre geometry.

When it comes to industrial floor construction, the fibre reinforced floor solution from KrampeHarex® has proven its value.

 It helps to keep cost-intensive work and shrinkage cracks to a minimum. Concrete finished pieces constitute another area of application in which KrampeHarex® fibres are considered to be an ideal reinforcement element due to the controlled conditions. In this area KrampeFibrin® polypropylene fibres are also used in order to achieve a fire protection rating of F60 and F90 in the fire protection classes. In tunnel construction, KrampeHarex® fibres are used in sprayed and pumped concrete as well as in finished pieces. 
Due to their durability, KrampeHarex® fibres have also proven themselves in petrochemistry, the iron industry, the steel industry, and safety engineering.

Krampe Harex


“Of course, I would be glad to” means Service+ to us.

Fibres are our core area of expertise. This is why we know more than just how it works, we know why it works. That’s our know-why. For us, service is more than just a word.
With us, service is a way of life. We convey our knowledge, discuss questions, resolve problems, and develop new ideas. Together with you in direct interaction. We will search for solutions until we have found one that meets your requirements perfectly.
No matter if you are concerned about a statics calculation, wet concrete inspection, or the selection of a suitable fibre type – we will be by your side the whole time, from the planning phase through to completion, and we want to make sure that your construction project is executed economically. You can count on us!

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