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Consistent specialisation, continual development, service that is far above average, efficient quality management, and economic sustainability – we have the whole package, and it has enabled us to grow as a healthy company over the years. All along the way we have always operated as a family company and lived familial values with our employees as well. 
We are convinced that company leadership operating on a level playing field and with respect creates an atmosphere that motivates us to always give just a little bit more. To the benefit of our clients around the world who have remained loyal to us and for top quality products that bring together all of our expertise.

Abrasive media Applications

The optimum blasting agent for your application.
BMW Teilelager, Gündelkhofen (Deutschland)

Fibres Industrial floors BMW Parts
Depot Gündelkhofen

Build year: 2015-2016
Building company: Goldbeck Bau GmbH
Concrete compressive strength: C30/37
Fibre type: DE60/0,9N
Dosing: L1,2 L2 0,9
Surface area: 100,000 m²

Fibres Special constructions bridge structure S35
Bruck an der Mur

Concrete work was carried out in conditions exceeding 30 degrees. Immediately after the concrete was poured, it was treated with at least 0.15 kg/m2 of an evaporation protection compound. Concrete was laid using a grid process.

Krampe Harex



For us, service is more than just a word. With us, service is a way of life. We use this philosophy to unite our expertise and dedication in our unique KrampeHarex® know-why.

Regardless of whether fibres or abrasive agents are involved – we will search for solutions until we have found one that meets your individual needs perfectly. We will be by your side for the entire project. And not just theoretically either, but rather with you on-site. What do you get out of all this? In addition to quite a lot of included services, some special services as well, such as execution of the static calculations for your construction project or identification of the perfect abrasive agent for your application.

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