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KrampeHarex® abrasives

KrampeHarex® is a specialised manufacturer of abrasives with operations all over the world. Our know-how when it comes to blasting processes has grown steadily broader and deeper ever since we were first founded in 1982. Today, first-class precision instruments for a variety of industrial applications are produced at three different locations – built to the highest quality, compliant with international standards and routinely checked and documented in our own Qm laboratory. We offer premium-quality abrasives for every application, guaranteed to be safe and reliable and neither toxic nor silicogenic or carcinogenic. For numerous regular customers, the biggest and most convincing argument for KrampeHarex® is our above-average service. Our aim: to provide you with a tailor-made solution that reconciles your company’s specific requirements with economic demands.

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Nils Kaben, Business Unit Director Abrasives

Our abrasives – your applications.

Our abrasives portfolio includes two product series – Peenox® and Blastex® – for shot peening and shot cleaning. If the abrasive is precisely matched to the blasting process, you profit from high efficiency and perfect results.


Good reasons to choose our abrasives

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Surface modification Shot Peening

Shot peening is used to harden or shape the surfaces of a workpiece (peen forming). The abrasive particles are rounded due to the hammer effect. Compressive residual stress is induced in the workpiece, so that the initiation of fatigue cracking is significantly delayed. This means more durable components, enhanced fatigue strength under constantly alternating stress conditions and higher dynamic strength in combination with lightweight materials.

  • Hardening
  • Shaping

Surface cleaning Shot Cleaning

Surfaces which are blasted with round or angular abrasives are cleaned and prepared for downstream coating processes. Descaling and deburring of cast or forged components, descaling of and rust removal from steel profiles or the removal of old paint and other coatings are just a few typical examples. Especially when angular abrasives are chosen, shot cleaning alters specific properties of the surfaces. It can be used to roughen brake pad mounts, for instance, create a positive fit with brake pads or roughen surfaces in prepara- tion for a subsequently applied metallic coating, e.g. prior to galvanising.
  • Roughening
  • Deburring
  • Tarnishing
  • Fettling
  • Rust removal
  • Cleaning
  • Decoating
  • Structure
  • Descaling
  • Sweeping
  • Smoothing, Polishing
  • Further Applications

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The significance of abrasives is growing steadily as the demands facing manufacturers in the global market increase. A fundamental analysis of the blasting processes is vital for efficient and cost-effective working. That’s why we offer you not only premium-quality abrasives for any application but also a comprehensive package of services. In direct interaction with you, we share our knowledge, discuss questions, resolve problems and develop new ideas. We accompany you from the identification of the optimal abrasive all the way to the impeccably blasted workpiece. We search for solutions until we find the one that meets your requirements perfectly. We want you to understand what you have to gain from entering into a partnership with us. Service+ solutions for your project: Consultation
System check
Abrasive media test
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