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Know why
Peenox® is
perfect for
shot peening.

Surface Modification
Shot Peening

Shot peening is used to harden or shape the surfaces of a workpiece (peen forming); the abrasive particles are rounded due to the hammer effect. Compressive residual stress is induced in the workpiece, so that the initiation of fatigue cracking is significantly delayed. This means more durable components, enhanced fatigue strength under constantly alternating stress conditions and higher dynamic strength in combination with lightweight materials.

Cooperation can also be simple and straightforward
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Peenox® An extra durable
abrasive for
shot peening

With Peenox®, we have created a range of products for you to achieve demonstrably best results in surface hardening. Peenox® PERFORM+ is a material with a particularly long service life that enables you to achieve cost-effective solutions.

1 | Peenox® CS
Steel wire grain / microstructure after cold forming (drawing). 2 | Peenox® PERFORM+
Longlife steel wire grain / structure after special treatment.


Shot peening is used to increase the fatigue strength of workpieces made of steel, cast steel and other metals that are exposed to changing loads. The best-known examples here are any type of spring. Shot peening also eliminates stress concentrations that occur at certain points on workpieces. A further task is the reduction of harmful influences during the heat treatment of workpieces, such as decarburization or carburization and surface corrosion.


Shaping is a blasting task for profiling and shaping of components, especially in the aerospace industry. A well-known example is the curvature of dome parts. The shape and position deviations of thin-walled sheet metal or die-cast parts caused by manufacturing can also be corrected.

The degree of roundness of abrasives

In accordance with customer requirements, we supply the cut wire in cylindrical, G1 (slightly rounded), G2 (double rounded) and G3 (spherical) grain shapes.

Our products





Peenox® and Peenox® Perform+

Peenox® CS (VDFI)
Steel cut wire shot

Peenox® CS (SAE AMS)
Steel cut wire shot

Peenox® CS (as cut)
Steel cut wire shot

Long-life steel cut wire shot

Long-life steel cut wire shot

Peenox® PERFORM+ (as cut)
Long-life steel cut wire shot

Peenox® ST
Stainless steel cut wire shot

Peenox® ST (as cut)
Stainless steel cut wire shot

Know why Peenox® is perfect for
shot peening

The choice of abrasive is a critical factor in shot peening – regardless of whether the aim is to optimise the load-bearing capacity and durability of safety-relevant components or to enhance the dynamic strength of springs, for example. Our Peenox® product series demonstrably achieves superior shot peening results. Cut wire shot is a quality product which enhances a workpiece’s fatigue strength better than any other metallic abrasive.

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