Strahlmittel: Starke Werkzeuge für die Oberflächenbearbeitung.
KrampeHarex Lösungspfeil

abrasive agent

Cylindrical steel cut wire

Brilliant results with shot peening and cleaning.



Rounded steel cut wire

A successful round for vehicle, aeroplane, and machine security.

Zinc cut wire

Soft, yet efficient for working cast parts and sensitive surfaces.

Aluminium cut wire

Rigorous blasting performance and long service life.

Cast steel abrasive agent

High- or low-carbon for high efficiency and effectiveness.

Chilled iron granulate

Cleaning genius for compressed air blaster, ballast, and blasting protection.

Stainless steel abrasive agent

Brilliant solution for stainless steels

Abrasive agent glass blasting beads

Gentle power for cleaning and refinement


Fused alumina

Mineral specialist for steel, glass, wood, and plastics

Ceramic abrasive agent

High-tech abrasive agent for aviation and astronautics.

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