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The significance of abrasives is growing steadily as the demands facing manufacturers in the global market increase. A fundamental analysis of the blasting processes is vital for efficient and cost-effective working. That's why we offer you not only premium-quality abrasives for any application but also a comprehensive package of services. In direct interaction with you, we share our know-ledge, discuss questions, resolve problems and develop new ideas. We accompany you from the identification of the optimal abrasive all the way to the impeccably blasted workpiece. We search for solutions until we find the one that meets your requirements perfectly. We want you to understand what you have to gain from entering into a partnership with us.



Measuring surface roughness –
quality that's got you covered

Using a surface roughness measuring device, we check the surface composition of the blasted workpiece, which, for example, facilitates quality inspections for future coatings.



For optimal processes.

By taking samples directly on your site, we can test the composition of the operating mix in the blasting system and identify possible malfunctions before they have a chance to occur. If a more in-depth investigation is necessary, this is done in our own lab using the latest measuring and inspection technology.

Media test

Abrasive Media

For premium quality.

We examine the quality of your abrasives for you and determine their durability by means of an Ervin test. That way, you can be certain that the abrasives you choose also satisfy your cost-efficiency requirements.

Productfinder Abrasive Media

The right

For the right abrasive media.

Material, specific weight, grain shape & size, hardness: starting with the customer's blasting requirements, we identify the optimal abrasive for your application – precisely matched to the blasting time and intensity as well as the conditions in the works. From screen analyses to abrasive media tests, we master all relevant methods. Here you will find the right abrasive media for your application.

System Check

System Check

During the blasting process we carry out system checks on-site at your facilities, inspecting process-relevant system components such as turbines, air separators, and filter systems in order to determine if your system is optimally configured.


Quality System

KrampeHarex® Quality System

Top quality is a decisive factor when it comes to the competition. Certification of the entire Company in accordance with the quality assurance system of ISO 9001:2015 was a big step in the continued development of our quality system.


abrasive agent
for your application

Individual Advising

In order to ensure that you are satisfied with the results later and are “blasting with joy” so to say, we will determine the optimal abrasive agent for your application based on the process parameters and the desired results. This includes abrasive media type, grain shape, grain size, hardness, and other parameters.



For customised mixes.

We are the only provider to offer three metallic abrasives – steel cut wire shot as well as high-carbon and low-carbon cast steel – which are represented equally in our portfolio. We are thus also in a position to offer special mixes of cast steel and steel cut wire shot.



You can find files from the Abrasive Media  section here.

Cooperation can also be simple and straightforward. Nils Kaben, Business Unit Director Abrasives

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