Magazine // Concrete Construction

News and facts on how fibre reinforced concrete is used in industrial floors, security technology, residential construction, traffic areas, UHPC, concrete precast elements, refractory concrete and tunnel construction plus interesting information on KrampeHarex® fibre applications as well as building law, tips, tricks and application reports. This magazine is our way of sharing our knowledge and experience with you. We want you to benefit from it too!

A work of art to breathe again

Norwegian artist Viel Bjerkeset Andersen explains how a project team of artists, urban planners and engineers can create a special infrastructure.

17.06.2020 //  Tunnel construction

New benchmarks in fire protection

KrampeFibrin® polypropylene fibres enable preventive fire protection – for example, in the Leipzig City Tunnel.

28.05.2020 //  Tunnel construction

Full speed ahead for enhanced fire protection

Deutsche Bahn chose polypropylene fibres from KrampeHarex® for the Old Schlüchtern Tunnel.

13.05.2020 //  Tunnel construction

A 14.3 km long road underneath the sea

KrampeHarex® steel fibres helped build the world’s longest and deepest underwater road tunnel.

12.05.2020 //  Tunnel construction

High-tech roads fit for the future

Fibre reinforced concrete lays the foundation for economical, durable and safe high-performance traffic areas.

11.05.2020 //  Other uses

Refractory fibres for industry

KrampeHarex® makes innovative refractory fibres for high-temperature industrial systems.

08.05.2020 //  Other uses

Amazon – Built on KRAMPEHAREX®

The floors at 7 Amazon warehouses in Germany are reinforced with KrampeHarex® fibres.

06.05.2020 //  Industrial floors

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