Fibres: for innovative solutions

30.06.2020  //  UHPC

For almost 40 years, the versatile range of KrampeHarex® fibres has been delighting customers and companies from more than 50 nations. These years of experience and the corresponding expert knowledge make the family-owned company one of the leading companies in the field of fibre reinforced concrete construction and your professional partner.

steel/stainless steel fibres with hooked ends and corrugated steel fibres

for precast concrete elements, refractory concrete, industrial floors, security technology, tunnel construction, traffic areas and residential construction

straight steel/stainless steel and micro steel fibres

for ultra high performance concrete, security technology and ready-mix mortar

slit sheet fibres

for concrete screeds and concrete repairs

synthetic microfibres

for passive fire protection, screeds and reducing shrinkage

synthetic macrofibres

for outside and agricultural applications, precast elements and sprayed concrete

glass fibres

for floors, screeds, precast concrete elements and reducing shrinkage

We find the right fibre for your construction project

We take into account structural design, a detailed cost-benefit analysis (as opposed to just looking at costs), and concrete mix design. We also can test the performance of fibre reinforced concrete in advance using beam tests in our own concrete laboratory or help and supervise performance tests locally - so we can demonstrably guarantee the best performance for your project.


Fields of application & triple strong advantages


  • High fire resistance
  • Faster completion
  • Reduced cracking

Industrial floors

  • Increased mechanical resistance
  • Improved post-cracking behavior
  • Cost savings and longer service life


  • High ductility of concrete
  • High density and wear resistant surfaces
  • Lower dead load with 20 times better resistance

Residential construction

  • Reduction of crack widths
  • Homogenic crack distribution
  • Less reinforcement

Traffic areas

  • Faster and more cost-effective completion
  • Wear and impact resistant concrete
  • Lower maintenance costs

Refractory concrete

  • Significantly more durable in service and less downtime
  • Reduced high-temperature corrosion
  • Optimal homogeneity and higher ductility

Security technology

  • Efficient protection due to higher material toughness
  • Protection against high-temperature corrosion
  • Optimum material utilisation
By the way:

We have been drawing the wire for our fibres "made in Germany" in our own production since 2003 - thus enabling 100% delivery reliability and individual special productions for our customers. At the same time, our fibres and abrasives are subject to the control of our own ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management laboratory and thus to the highest and most demanding standards.

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