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23.03.2021  //  Concrete construction

Crack control, post-cracking tensile behavior, ductility and a less sensitive concrete surface are just some of the positive material properties of steel fibre-reinforced concrete. For years, steel fibres from KrampeHarex® have been used to support projects such as the "Stormwater System" in Dubai, setting an international trend.

In the construction of the 10.2 km long "Stormwater" tunnel in Dubai, KrampeHarex® participated by supplying 5,000t of fibres for 43,000 tunnel lining segments manufactured on site. The use of cold-drawn wire fibres type DE 60/0.9 H with a tensile strength of 1,900 N/mm² ensures optimum stability and durability of the concrete used.

Fibres – Made in Germany

In this project and in many others, the focus is on both: reliable delivery and the positive material properties of the fibres. To ensure fast and timely delivery, the wire of KrampeHarex® steel fibres is drawn in-house and tailored to the individual requirements of the project - in terms of tensile strength, length, fibre geometry and to match the optimum economical fibre content.

Fibre advantages

  • concrete surface less sensitive to crack control
  • easy mixing and dosing of the fibres due to flexible dosing systems
  • faster completion
  • increased durability and service life

Steel fibre reinforced concrete has a higher durability than conventionally reinforced concrete. The distribution, shape and type of the fibres make the concrete more resistant and fatigue-resistant too. In addition, the steel fibres are easy to work with - without balling, floating or settling. We have the right fibre for all applications: precast concrete, shotcrete, tunneling, industrial flooring, logistics areas, residential construction, etc

Wire fibre with hooked ends KEYFACTS:

Length: 60 mm
Diameter: 0,9 mm, rund
Tensile strength: 1900 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity: 210.000 N/mm2
Standards (DIN): EN 14889-1
Certifications (DIN): EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 50001

Special advantages:

  • high tensile strength and wire quality
  • very good workability
  • homogeneous distribution and isotropic properties in concrete
  • high post-crack bending tensile strength
  • perfect results for precast concrete parts, such as tubbings
  • tunnel construction applications
  • precast concrete parts

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