Steel fibre-reinforced tubbings - for maximum efficiency

12.02.2021  //  Tunnel construction

In addition to increased fire protection through the use of polypropylene fibres, the tunnel industry focuses in particular on longer durability and time- and cost-saving construction processes through steel fibre-reinforced concrete. The service, quality and experience of KrampeHarex are part of future projects such as the "Ryfylke Tunnel" in Norway.

Projects for the future

In order to meet the high demands of modern societies with increasing populations and growing passenger movements, the City of Copenhagen is also relying on steel-fibre-reinforced concrete for its tubbings in its Cityringen construction project.

The joint venture between Vinci Construction Grands Projects and HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH was awarded the contract for this exemplary project of the future.
Between 2019 and 2021, 34,200 tubbings were produced in the 5+1 system with a thickness of 30 cm, which met even the highest demands in terms of performance, quality and tensile strength. KrampeHarex® supplied the matching steel fibres for this.

Building project

Materials with

Five stations, two shafts and two 4500 m long tubes with an inner diameter of 4.90 m and an outer diameter of 5.50 m: The expansion of the public transport network demands impeccable quality and maximum efficiency of the processed materials. With the help of the admixed KrampeHarex fibres DE 60/0.8 M, round cross-section and end hook, the material of the fibre concrete class F1.6/1.0 convinces with advantages such as:

  • increased durability
  • lower production costs
  • less waste due to damaged segments
  • lower CO2 footprint

Within an extensive project like the Cityringen construction project, the economic advantages of steel-fibre reinforced concrete are in the foreground - especially the faster and uncomplicated production of the individual segments. The efficient refilling of the steel fibres from big bags as well as the mixing with the help of automatic dosing systems enable optimal project processes just as much as the tested good workability of the steel fibre concrete, the simplified transport of the segments and the high stability during the installation of the segments.

Read all about the details of the project, requirements on the steel fibre concrete, production of the segments, concrete tests & Co. in our technical article:
Cityringen construction project, Sydhavnen branch from the trade magazine, Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, April 2021.

READ THE ARTICLE AS A PDF (German version)

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