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Make floors right, at a low price
with steel fibre concrete.

Steel fibre concrete floors are a technically high-quality and extremely economical alternative to conventional reinforced industrial floors. Approximately 60% of all industrial floors are currently made using steel fibre concrete. They are especially prevalent in places where concrete floors must withstand heavy mechanical loads, such as in high rack warehouses, production halls, or logistics centres.
Joint-free KrampeHarex® industrial floors are especially durable and less maintenance-intensive. This makes them a high-quality, inexpensive alternative to joint-cut industrial floors.
Mixing in KrampeFibrin® polypropylene fibres is advantageous for concrete floors with few joints in order to make the greater distances between joints possible and keep contraction stress in the concrete to a minimum.
As a company, we convey and live by the values we believe in.  Service with heart and mind.
Zuzana Mehlhornova, CEO KrampeHarex CZ, spol. sr. o.
Fasern Anwendungen Industrieböden
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Fasern Anwendungen Industrieböden
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