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Steel fibreHeat-tested for a variety of areas.

If higher resistance is needed at higher levels of heat impact, KrampeHarex®steel and stainless steel fibres will literally pull the iron from the fire. Petrochemistry, the iron industry, the steel industry, and the cement industry are among the hot areas of application for this. They are also used for coke making or for ceramic furnaces. Here KrampeHarex® fibres made of synthetic materials, standard steel, or stainless steel can reach their full potential as they increase resistance to high temperature corrosion and extend the service life of components.

Mario Eisschiel, Geschäftsführer KrampeHarex Fibrin, Österreich

KrampeHarex is the embodiment of quality and competence.

Mario Eisschiel, CEO KrampeHarex Fibrin, Austria
Fasern Anwendungen Feuerfestbeton
A Refractory concrete
Fasern Anwendungen Feuerfestbeton
B Refractory concrete

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