Glass fibres

Glass fibres
for concrete
Cost-effective solutions for floors and floor screed construction.

Glass fibre concrete forms a secure and, best of all, cost-effective foundation for concrete floors and is also outstanding for use in floor screed. A fibre-reinforced solution with KrampeFibrin® glass fibres increases tensile strength and considerably improves the contraction behaviour of concrete, which has the potential to prevent expensive shrinkage cracks.

KrampeFibrin® glass fibres are also used in concrete precast elements – mainly for high-quality facade plates and concrete sheathing.

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Product Length (mm) Diameter Material specification Usage PDF
G 12/14 AR 12 14 glass, alkaliresistant
G 12/14 E 12 14 Glass Floor screed construction
G 12/14 E‑CR 12 14 Glass Floor screed construction
G 18/14 AR 18 14 glass, alkaliresistant Floor screed construction Concrete

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