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At the city-forming Mythenquay -

Swiss Re builds new campus

With a replacement building on the site of the current “Mythenschloss”, Swiss Re intends to expand its headquarters on Mythenquay in Zurich into a campus that will enable all Swiss Re employees to work together in Zurich in the long term.

To this end, the replacement building for the original “Mythenschloss” from the 1980s will be replaced with a new, prestigious office building that will create the number and quality of workplaces required for the campus concept.

The challenge of the foundation

Work takes place below the groundwater table

For the new replacement building, the existing “Mythenschloss” building has to be dismantled down to four storeys underground. The excavation pit, which is around 15 m deep, will be deepened and the foundations will be approximately 2 m deeper than the previous building using a steel fibre reinforced load plate.

Although the location in the immediate vicinity of the lake is attractive, it poses a major challenge in terms of engineering and construction: The deconstruction of the four basement floors is taking place almost entirely below the groundwater level. This had to be lowered by around 15 meters for the demolition work.

DE 60/0,8 M

One fibre - many possibilities

In addition to the complex and elaborate support of the excavation pit with a steel sprouting ring over 70 x 90 meters, the old concrete base was dismantled in small sections of 4 x 4 m and a 60 cm steel fibre concrete base was installed approx. 2 m deeper.

A total of 1600 cubic meters of steel fibre concrete C30/37 XC4, XF1 with 35kg/m³ KrampeHarex fibres of type DE60/0.8 M were installed for the steel fibre concrete base. To ensure that the object does not start to float at its location near the water with the high buoyancy pressures, around 480 buoyancy anchors will be installed in the new foundations through the steel fibre concrete base.

Pictures of the project

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