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CO₂ savings:

590 t

KrampeHarex GWP 257 kg CO₂-Eq. compared to steel fibres from other manufacturers with a GWP of 800–2100 kg CO₂-Eq.

This corresponds to approximately 9 transatlantic flights from Frankfurt to New York.

Logistics area made of steel fibre concrete

Lidl optimises local supply in NRW

With the construction of the new food distribution centre "HerBo 43" in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lidl is taking a further step towards optimising local supply in the Ruhr area. The first construction phase will be completed in summer 2024, the second construction phase is scheduled for completion in spring 2026. The building area covers 54,000 square metres. The new distribution center will supply 120 Lidl stores in North Rhine-Westphalia and create 200 jobs. 

Together into a green future -

KrampeHarex and Lidl focus on sustainability

In terms of sustainability, this project sets standards. The use of steel fibres instead of conservative rebar reinforcement significantly reduces the amount of steel required. In addition, thanks to steel fibre reinforcement, the slab thickness of the entire logistics area can be reduced and concrete can be saved. 

The KrampeHarex fibres used also reduce the CO2 footprint of this project enormously, as a clear focus was placed on sustainability from the supply of raw materials to the production of the fibres and onward transport.

The energy-efficient refrigeration system in the new central warehouse makes it possible to reduce the ecological footprint by up to 200 tons per year. The photovoltaic system on the roof of the building will generate about one million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. In addition, 11,000 square meters of flowering meadow are to be created and around 7,400 square meters of roof area of the building are to be greened.

More about sustainability at KrampeHarex

Solutions for all requirements

The basis for security

Logistics areas made of steel fibre concrete are a technically high-quality, economical and, above all, sustainable alternative to conventionally reinforced industrial floors. Currently, over 80% of all industrial floors in Germany are made with steel fibre concrete. Especially where the concrete floor is exposed to strong mechanical stresses, such as in high-bay warehouses, production halls or logistics centers.

Seamless KrampeHarex industrial floors are particularly durable and require less maintenance. They thus offer a high-quality and more cost-effective alternative to joint-cut industrial floors. For extreme point loads and high demands on the maximum crack width, a KrampeHarex combination reinforcement made of fibres and mats can also be useful.

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