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Dubai from

“Stormwater System” a groundbreaking project of the future
By installing a sustainable drainage system for about 40% of the urban area, the City of Dubai is creating security for the future and for the EXPO in 2021.

Thinking big. One of the most ambitious infrastructure projects taken on by the Dubai city council to date, the “Deep Tunnel Stormwater System” is being constructed in collaboration with experts from various international companies.

The gigaproject is set for completion by October 2020 – just in time for the start of the rainy season. KrampeHarex is also involved in the construction of the central drainage tunnel as a technology partner and is supplying the fibers used to ensure the structural stability and durability of the concrete.


An Infrastructure Project Dominated by Superlatives
Drainage in the smart city of Dubai South.

A tunnel system for Dubai South with the EXPO 2020 grounds, Al Maktoum International Airport, and other neighboring regions creates security.

Five elements comprise the “Stormwater System”. The tunnel lies at the core of this system.

1 Network of Drains

The drain network consists of four vertical shafts of 20 m diameter leading to the tunnel, 11 collection shafts, several microtunnels of 3 m diameter, and countless drainage canals.

2 Holding Pond

The holding pond offers additional drainage capacity and can be utilized to generate renewable energy: Its surface offers space for thousands of solar collectors.

3 Tunnel

The 10.4 km long tunnel with a 11.05 m boring diameter lies at the core of the system. Specially made tunnel boring machines are used to bore 45 m below the surface, allowing city life to carry on undisturbed.

4 Pumping Station

The pumping station can move 2,500 m3 of water per minute. That is equivalent to the water required to fill an entire Olympic swimming pool. The overall capacity of the system is equivalent to 2,600 swimming pools.

5 Sea Outfall

1 km before the coast of Dubai, the water is pumped into the ocean via a marine outfall. The slope to the pumping station and the two pump types ensure low energy consumption.

Storm Water System
6.5 million m³
Drainage capacity
1.3 billion
Total project volume
490 km²
Drainage area
2,600 pcs.
Drainage volume in swimming pools
300 million
Order volume “Deep Tunnel Storm Water System”
40 %
of the urban area

Deep Tunnel
The heart of the stormwater drainage system

Quite possibly record-breaking on all fronts. Dubai is well-known for its impressive architectural landmarks, which are always setting new records. Underground, the central tunnel being constructed for the “stormwater system” is now breaking all records previously set in the United Arab Emirates..

The transport of tunnel boring machines to Dubai, on-site set-up, and excavation of the start shafts in and of themselves constitute a project of gigantic proportions. Producing the tubbings – the concrete tunnel lining segments that stabilize the walls of the 10.4 km long tunnel was an equally momentous undertaking.

Fiber-reinforced concrete
10.4 km
Length of tunnel
36 months
Project duration
300 million
Order volume tunnel
2 pcs.
Tunnel boring machines (diameter 11.05 m)
11.05 m
Diameter of boring machine heads
45 m
Deep drop shafts

Strong segments for high drainage performance

Effective paneling. The tunnel was bored by a machine. Due to the volume of water to be channeled, the prefabricated concrete pieces (tubbings) being used here must be extremely durable. In order to facilitate production of the necessary quantity of tubbings within the short period of time allowed, a factory has been erected on-site especially for this purpose. 5,000 t of steel fibers reinforce concrete segments – also delivered right on time by KrampeHarex.

5,000 t
Fibers for tubbing production
43 thousand
Total tubbings
Daily tubbing production output

KrampeHarex Steel Fibers – At the Heart of Stability
5,000 t of steel fibers reinforce concrete segments – delivered right on time by KrampeHarex.

Fibers used. KrampeHarex®’s experience and research has shown that a type DE 60/0.9 H cold-drawn steel fiber with a tensile strength of 1,900 N/mm2 is best-suited for the planned concrete grade C55/67 with expected real 28-day compressive strength of >80 N/mm2. Not only does the selected fiber offer an outstanding price to performance ratio, but it is also impressively easy to work with – since it does not tend to clump, float, or settle.

The city council of Dubai has hired renowned international companies, who are closely working together and coordinating to ensure that the drainage system is finished in time for Expo 2020.

KrampeHarex is participating in this international effort as a supplier along with PORR, Six Construct, NOACK, and Stantec.

Our specialization gives us the ability to ensure fast, timely delivery of large quantities of fibers even on the most extensive large projects. This was vital to our involvement in the tunnel construction project in Dubai.
Wilhelm Nell, Product and Business Development Manager, KrampeHarex

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