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Katarinen Bridge
Leiden (Netherlands)

Besonderheiten: The Katarinen Bridge posed a great challenge: At a length of 36 m, it is simultaneously the longest and narrowest UHPC/UHFB bridge in Holland. It is located between Haarlemmerstreet and Breestreet, two streets in downtown Leiden. The bridge connects all shopping streets in a circle. The desire was to building a bridge that fulfilled aesthetic requirements, meaning it had to be especially narrow. Of course narrow bridges still have to offer a great deal of stability and can't get any cracks. Since weight distribution and rigidity both influence each other, the decision was made to utilise KrampeHarex-UHPC, which is able to keep up with high demands.

Katarinenbrücke, Leiden (Niederlande)
Katarinenbrücke, Leiden (Niederlande)
Katarinenbrücke, Leiden (Niederlande)
Katarinenbrücke, Leiden (Niederlande)

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