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Far more
than just a
means to an end.

Abrasive media Far more than just a means to an end.

The significance of abrasive agent as an integral part of surface working has grown ever more with the increasing demands placed on manufacturers on the global market.
In order to meet these demands, KrampeHarex® is the only provider to offer three metallic abrasive agents, steel cut wire, as well as high-carbon and low-carbon cast steel represented equally in its selection.
A strong competitive advantage that makes it possible to offer special mixes of cast steel and steel cut wire.

Michael Schmidt, Leiter Vertrieb Strahlmittel

A fundamental analysis of blasting processes is a prerequisite for finding a sensible solution.

Michael Schmidt, Director of sales abrasive agent

All sorts of reasons to have a blast.

Hardening, roughening, smoothing, and shaping surfaces, cleaning, purifying, and descaling cast and forged parts, removing rust from steel components, deburring, and much more – abrasive agents are true all-rounders that put that final touch on materials. We will honour your wishes for more efficient solutions, even under rising cost 

pressure. KrampeHarex® offers premium-quality abrasive agents for every application, from A for aluminium cut wire, to G for glass abrasive beads, through to Z for zestful cylindrical cut wire. All abrasive agents in every stage of production are also subject to inspection by our company’s proprietary QM lab.

Krampe Harex


„Of course, I would be glad to“ means Service+ to us.

When it comes to abrasive agents, we possess extensive know-how that is optimally supplemented by our special know-why. How and why our abrasive agent should be your first choice will become apparent to you no later than the first time you have the pleasure of enjoying our customer service.

With us, service is a way of life. We share our knowledge, discuss questions, resolve problems, and develop new ideas. Together with you in direct interactions. We will search for solutions until we have found one that meets your requirements perfectly.
From identification of the optimal abrasive agent through to a system check and sample collection on-location at your site and an Ervin Test – we are always by your side, so that you have just as much reason to be beaming as your blasted surfaces do.


Productfinder Abrasive Media


Here you will find the right abrasive media for your application.



Quality System

KrampeHarex® Quality System

Top quality is a decisive factor when it comes to the competition. Certification of the entire Company in accordance with the quality assurance system of ISO 9001:2015 was a big step in the continued development of our quality system.



Advising operating mixture
the right mixture will do the trick

The right mixture will do the trick

By taking samples on-site, we check the composition of the operating mixture in the blasting system, thus identifying possible opportunities for malfunction of the blasting system. If more in-depth investigation is necessary, this is done using the latest measuring and inspection technology in the Company’s own lab.

Request investigation

System Check

System Check

During the blasting process we carry out system checks on-site at your facilities, inspecting process-relevant system components such as turbines, air separators, and filter systems in order to determine if your system is optimally configured.

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Individual needs demand an individualised approach from each member of the team.

David Schäder, Sales Abrasive Westgermany

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