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KrampeHarex fibres

Flexible all-rounders for innovative construction.

Industrial floors

High quality, low maintenance and long service life: Steel fibre reinforced concrete floors with KrampeHarex fibres.

To Industrial floors

Tunnel construction

Sprayed concrete, in-situ concrete, tubbing segments: KrampeHarex fibres provide fast and cost-effective reinforcement including fire protection.

To Tunnel construction


Ultra high-strength concrete with KrampeHarex fibres is used to create exceptionally thin but extremely stable components.


Refractory concrete

KrampeHarex steel and stainless steel fibres increase resistance to heat and prevent high temperature corrosion.

To Refractory concrete

Precast elements

KrampeHarex fibres are the ideal reinforcement for pipes, shafts, tubbings, precast basements and other precast elements.

To Precast elements


Reinforce mines quickly and easily with steel fibre reinforced concrete: KrampeHarex fibres ensure maximum safety.

To Mining

Traffic areas

Less effort, maximum safety and a durable surface - this is what steel fibre reinforced concrete ensures in traffic route construction.

To Traffic areas

Security technology

Extremely impact-resistant and with high resistance to dynamic loads: safes and ATMs made of steel fibre reinforced concrete.

To Security technology

Residential construction

KrampeHarex fibres made of steel, synthetic and glass enable time-saving, cost-effective construction with high long-term stability.

To Residential construction

Steel fibres

The right choice for industrial floors, concrete precast elements, residential construction, and tunnel construction

To wire fibres

Synthetic micro fibres

Very well reinforced in passive fire protection and floor screed.

To synthetic micro fibres

Synthetic macro fibres

Reliable support for temporary reinforcement.

To synthetic macro fibres

Slit sheet fibres

The specialist for floor screed and concrete maintenance.

To slit sheet fibres

Stainless steel fibres

A guarantee for safety and durability in refractory concrete and UHPC projects.

To stainless steel fibres

Melt extract fibres

Heat-resistant steel fibres for refractory materials

To melt extract fibres

Wire segment fibres

Corrugated wire segment fibres are a good alternative in industrial floors and screed.

To wire segment fibres

Glass fibres

Cost-effective solutions for floors and floor screed construction.

To glass fibres

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State of the art

We meet the building standards of the DAfStb and DBV (German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology) as well as international standards.

Optimum concrete characteristics

Our fibres optimise contraction and post-cracking behaviour, distances between joints, fire resistance, etc.

Combined solutions

We exploit the synergies of different types of reinforcement and find the best solution for every application.


We produce with 100% green electricity and highly efficient technologies. According to our EPD, this makes our fibres extremely low in emissions, as well as up to 84% recyclable.

Quality management system

Certified according to ISO 9001:2015 – we monitor every phase of production in accordance with strict criteria

Extremely cost-effective

Fibre concrete guarantees rapid construction progress, low material costs and a long service life.


Service from A–Z: Engineering support, construction supervision, special solutions, rental service for dosing devices.

High delivery capacity

We deliver fast and in large quantities because we produce the wire for the fibres ourselves.

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