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How we came to be. Germany’s No. 1.

With us, family ties are literally made of the proverbial steel. It all started in 1982, when Willi Krampe laid the foundation for KrampeHarex® abrasive media and quickly made a name for himself as a specialised manufacturer. That same year, Vulkan Harex® fibres was founded separately. Just a few years later, his son Ulrich Krampe also entered the business, and finally took charge of the Company in 1999. The next milestone came in 2005: Krampe Strahltechnik GmbH & Co. KG merged with Vulkan Harex Stahlfasertechnik GmbH & Co. KG and the stage was set for global expansion. 
Today we are regarded as a renowned technological leader and clients from over 40 nations and a wide variety of industrial fields, from structural, underground, and civil engineering, depend on the ever growing “know-why” of KrampeHarex®. They know that our specialisation in the industry makes it possible for us to offer you the best solution. And more than that: Our competence, services, and quality promise are based on lived values rather than empty words. We rely on absolute honesty, a strong sense of responsibility, consistent delivery dependability, precision as the basis for top quality, and dedication in all we do. Our success is proof that we have chosen the right path with this business philosophy.

With every fibre of our thought process.

We deal with fibres and abrasive media day in and day out. They constitute the original core DNA of our Company and we don’t do anything else. 100% Unique. So it just makes sense that with a specialisation such as this, we only employ specialists who are intimately familiar with the market and possess extensive product knowledge.
Family companies are unique – It shapes the company culture.
Oliver Rosendahl, Purchasing manager

Our environment. Our responsibility.

We only have one earth. And we have to protect it. With the KrampeHarex® –  energy management system DIN 50001 for companies, we promote sustainable energy usage encompassing the optimal use of resources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We purchase green electricity (CO2-free)
and are reducing our CO2 footprint considerably. Daily. Furthermore, we also use highly efficient intersectional technologies such as LED lighting systems, environmentally friendly technologies for compressed air systems, and sustainable disposal logistics (waste sorting, recycling) throughout our entire corporate process.

Knowledge thought through.

In whatever we do, we do right. With heart, soul, logic, and employees who are the best in their fields. Whether it’s production, administration, management, or service – we work efficiently and sustainably in all areas.

Company culture we live by.

For us, family is more than just a word. Family is something we live by. We build trust and stable relationships. With our employees just as much as with our clients. We respect traditional values, take responsibility for the future, and work with the latest modern systems, all with sustainability in mind.

Quality management: Know why quality matters.

When it comes to quality, we ourselves are our harshest critics. We hold ourselves to all specified standards, while also giving somewhat more than necessary. Since we have been pulling the wire for our fibres ourselves since 2003, we are self-sufficient and can guarantee the dependability of our deliveries. At every stage of production, all fibre and abrasive media are subject to inspection by our own QM lab, which is certified according to the quality assurance system of ISO 9001:2015. This produces the valued high-class workmanship Germany is known for worldwide
Pferdekamp 6-8 
D-59075 Hamm Tel. +49 (0) 2381 977 977 
Fax +49 (0) 2381 977 955

Company headquarters Hamm – where quality lives.

The KrampeHarex® headquarters are located in Westphalian Hamm. Founded in1982 by Willi Krampe, the family-owned company has been selling products in two areas ever since – abrasive media and fibres. In 2005 Krampe Strahltechnik GmbH & Co. KG merged with Vulkan Harex Stahlfasertechnik GmbH & Co. KG, transforming it into a global player. Now clients in over 40 nations from a wide variety of different industrial fields rely on the constantly growing decades-old know-why of KrampeHarex®.
KrampeHarex® Leisnig GmbH

Gorschmitzer Weg 2f
D-04703 Leisnig

Tel. +49 (0) 34321 63 62-0
Fax +49 (0) 34321 63 62-11

Special tempered cut wire - made in Leisnig

KrampeHarex® Leisnig GmbH
was created as part of the change of ownership from R+K Draht GmbH, Leisnig.
Due to its innovative technology KrampeHarex® Leisnig is specialised in the production of special tempered cut wire shot of extreme life-time: Peenox® PERFORM+.
Premium manufacturers of vehicle components in the automotive industry are convinced by the outstanding quality of our products since many years. Decades of experience combined with a machine park with the latest technology is the basis for our success. The locations Hamm and Leisnig have continuously expanded their technology leadership in the field of rounded steel cut wire shot.
KrampeHarex® Know why.




KrampeHarex® CZ spol. sr .o.
Osvobozeni 234
CZ-66481 Ostrovačice Tel. +42 (0) 541 247 773
Fax +42 (0) 541 247 817

Location in the Czech Republic – achieving more together.

Since 2001 KrampeHarex® has also established a local presence with its own factory in the Czech Republic. Just like at the headquarters in Germany, here too quality-controlled proprietary production with the latest modern systems forms the basis for what we do and fibres and abrasive media are sold the world over. At every phase of production,
KrampeHarex CZ® follows the strict QM guidelines of KrampeHarex® Germany. A strong alliance that both locations benefit from.
KrampeHarex Fibrin® Gesellschaft mbH
Im Astenfeld 1
A-4490 St. Florian Tel. +43 7224 20799
Fax +43 7224 20799 99

Location in Austria – construction specialists of the Alpine Republic.

KrampeHarex Fibrin® has been a member of the KrampeHarex® alliance since 2005. This strong affiliate located in Linz, Austria sells a wide selection of fibres and also offers specialised products such as hard filler material for highly abrasion-proof industrial floors, surface hardeners, and special concrete additive agents. The well-established mid-sized company collaborates especially closely with the head office in Westphalian Hamm in the area of research and development, and has already been involved in the realisation of several successful projects.
KrampeHarex Fibrin® has also independently made a name for itself among general contractors in the tunnel and underground construction industries.

Fibres Special constructions bridge structure S35
Bruck an der Mur

Concrete work was carried out in conditions exceeding 30 degrees. Immediately after the concrete was poured, it was treated with at least 0.15 kg/m2 of an evaporation protection compound. Concrete was laid using a grid process.

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