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Responsibility for our direct environment.

Sustainability at KrampeHarex.

Responsibility for our environment

throughout the production process.

Recycled raw materials

Environmental protection is a decisive criterion, starting with the selection of our suppliers. We look for suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications and above-average commitment to their respective employees, energy consumption and the environment. In doing so, we can ensure that our production is based on up to 90% recycled steel, and that our standards are upheld throughout the entire value chain.

Low-emission logistics

95% of our raw material is delivered to us by water or by rail, because ship and rail transport are relatively environmentally friendly and cause fewer emissions than road transport.

Sustainable reinforcement

The use of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete instead of or in combination with classic reinforced concrete already achieves considerable CO2 savings, thanks to its composition and durability. For example, in tunnel construction, steel-fibre-reinforced tunnel lining segments reduce CO2 emissions by over 60%, while industrial flooring with a combination of steel-fibre-reinforced and classic reinforced concrete saves 21% CO2 per cubic metre.

Our Environmental Product Declaration

For 90% of our production, we have developed an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which discloses the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire life cycle. In comparison to other manufacturers, KrampeHarex’s production is characterised by low global warming potential and a recycling rate of up to 84% that lies far above the average. Read more on this topic in our dossier.

View our dossier    View official EPD 

Responsibility for

resource-efficient energy management.

In our energy policy from 2020, we voluntarily pledged to achieve sustainable, efficient energy consumption across every area of the company, and established an energy management strategy in accordance with DIN EN ISO 5001.

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Sustainable in-house energy production

We cover a considerable share of our energy consumption with electricity produced in-house by our approx. 8,900-square-metre photovoltaic plant. In doing so, we use existing space without any additional ground sealing, and draw on renewable, sustainable energy produced right on our doorstep. At our new production site in Hamm (commissioning in mid-2024) we produce 1.5 GW alone, which corresponds to approx. 15-20% of the total requirements of the new production site.

100% green electricity

We don’t take any half measures, but are fully committed to the responsible use of natural resources in the electricity that we purchase to supplement our own. This is fully certified as green electricity and is up to 85% generated by hydropower.

Looking at the little things

We have replaced almost all the light sources at our sites with LED lighting, because a single LED consumes only a quarter of the energy consumed by an incandescent bulb and lasts longer, making it more environmentally friendly. Considering the amount of lighting, this seemingly small change makes a big difference.

Responsibility for

sustainable mobility.

Transport and mobility are a significant component of our ecologic footprint, which is why we use electric forklifts at all our sites, are gradually transitioning our vehicle fleet to purely electric or hybrid vehicles, and have partnered with the bicycle leasing provider JobRad. Numerous employees have taken up this offer and, by doing so, help us to reduce our CO2 emissions and promote environmentally friendly mobility.


for our employees

leasing bicycles

as a strong benefit

electric cars

for a green future

electric forklifts

for the entire production

Know why

we take 100% responsibility.

Alongside the environment, we also understand our economic activities, our human interaction, and our knowledge about our products and our industry as being closely intertwined with responsibility. Find out why we take responsibility so seriously here at KrampeHarex, and how this influences the different areas of our company and our culture.

Responsibility at KrampeHarex