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The monolithic floor slab of 40,000 m² was constructed without joints in fields of 35 m x 35 m. The construction took place in three sections.

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The foundation for safety

Steel fibre reinforced concrete floors are a technically high-quality and extremely economical alternative to conventionally reinforced industrial floors. Currently, approx. 70% of all industrial floors are made with steel fibre reinforced concrete. Especially where the concrete floor is exposed to heavy mechanical loads, e.g. in high-bay warehouses, production halls or logistics centers.

Jointless KrampeHarex industrial floors are particularly durable and require less maintenance. They therefore offer a high-quality and more cost-effective alternative to joint-cut industrial floors.

For extreme point loads and high demands on the maximum crack width, KrampeHarex combination reinforcement consisting of fibers and mats can also be useful.

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