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“Of course, I would be glad to” means Service+ to us.

For us, service is more than just a word. With us, service is a way of life. We use this philosophy to unite our expertise and dedication in our unique KrampeHarex® know-why. Regardless of whether fibres or abrasive agents are involved – we will search for solutions until we have found one that meets your individual needs perfectly. We will be by your side for the entire project. And not just theoretically either, but rather with you on-site. What do you get out of all this? In addition to quite a lot of included services, some special services as well, such as execution of the static calculations for your construction project or identification of the perfect abrasive agent for your application.



Statics Support

We work very closely with the strongest engineering agency in the field of fibre engineering:
Schulz Concrete Engineering GmbH. Here the latest norms and guidelines are used to determine whether fibre reinforced concrete or a combination of fibre/structural steel reinforcement should be used.


KrampeHarex® Quality System

KrampeHarex® Quality System

Top quality is a decisive factor when it comes to the competition. Certification of the entire Company in accordance with the quality assurance system of ISO 9001:2015 was a big step in the continued development of our quality system.



Here you will find files about fibres.


for fibres and mesh?
Familiarise yourself with
the advantages of combo solutions.

Fibres and mesh?

Want to learn more about the advantages offered by a combo solution incorporating both reinforcement types (fibres and mesh)? We would be glad to advise you.  We can present you with innovative solutions for industries, such as tunnel construction.

Construction Assistance

Construction Assistance

From process control to concrete composition – we provide assistance from A to Z, accompanying you through your construction project from beginning to end. Always in direct exchange with you, with plenty of specialised expertise, and just as much personal dedication.



Fast. Reliable. Global.

We make planning simple and choosing our logistics service easy.
Fast, reliable, and “just in time” upon request, sometimes in even the most remote corners of the world, KrampeHarex® logistics partners deliver everything you could want.

Rental Service

Rental Service for Dosing Devices

If you’re not ready to purchase a dosing device, just rent one from us. That way you save money and you only pay for what you really need. We offer the right dosing technology for every fibre type: Conveyor belts, high-performance air blowers, and fully automatic dosing systems. You can receive the transportable devices within a short time as per agreement.


Special Solutions

Our planning doesn’t balk at revolutionary construction projects with higher standards. Just the opposite:
For us, every new challenge is the best inspiration to continue to outdo ourselves.

Productfinder Fibre


Here you will find the right fibres for your application.
Product Finder

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