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A region is boming -

Fresh water for Doha

In the middle of the Qatari desert, today's megacity Doha was once built. The capital of the Emirate of Qatar is home to 1.2 million inhabitants. The Doha metropolitan region is the center of Qatar's history, politics and culture. The region has been growing rapidly for years and, with its increasing population, poses major challenges for the water and wastewater infrastructure.

The giant Wakrah & Wukair Drainage Tunnel Doha wastewater project is designed to relieve the current drainage network and distribute the drainage flows of a gigantic area.

The project is located in the southern part of Doha near the cities of Al Wakrah and Al Wukair. The project includes the design and construction of a 13.3 km long wastewater tunnel using a double-shell construction method with an internal diameter of 4,500 mm and a depth of up to 61 m, eight access shafts and drop structures.

"The cooperation with KrampeHarex on this project is professional, cooperative and uncomplicated. In addition, the fibre impresses with its impressive quality."

Tomas Posker
Project Director, Wakrah & Wukair
Drainage Tunnel – C853/2

KrampeHarex steel fibres-

A significant reduction of the CO2 footprint

The 13 km long tunnel consists of steel-fibre-reinforced tunnel lining segments. The DE 60/0.9 H from KrampeHarex is used here. This cold-drawn wire fibre has a length of 60 mm, a diameter of 0.9 mm and a tensile strength of 1,900 N/mm².

With experience from numerous projects and research activity in KrampeHarex's in-house concrete laboratory, this fibre proved to be the best choice and provides optimal reinforcement for the tunnel while increasing durability, service life and significantly reducing CO2 emissions, compared to conventional reinforcement with rebar.

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